Application Corner

We’re very excited to debut a new (as of May 2016) section of our blog: the application corner! After going through the application process this past year, I realized just how few resources and guides exist for students who are applying to MD/PhD programs. We hope that this section of our blog will become a “home” for those who are thinking about MD/PhD programs, considering UAB, or in the midst of application craziness already. We’ll share everything we’ve learned about the MD/PhD cycle and our tips to maximize your chances of success!

We plan to have various sub-sections on this blog, each of which will dive into a specific portion of the application. Please remember that each of these posts will only be the opinion of a few MD/PhD students — so by no means a magical answer to everything — but we hope that we can begin to address some of the anxiety and uncertainty around the MD/PhD admissions process. Feel free to browse around our blog to learn more about UAB specifically and to contact any of our communications committee members with further questions!

Emily Hayward
Incoming MD/PhD Student


Here is an interactive table of contents for our comprehensive MD/PhD application guide!

  1. Introduction – General Advice: 10 Lessons About Applying
  2. Overview and Timeline for MD/PhD Applications
  3. Choosing a School List
  4. Personal Statement 101
  6. Secondary Applications
  7. Letters of Recommendation
  8. MD/PhD Interview Formats and Tips
  9. Acceptances and the Post-Interview Period
  10. Waitlists and Expressing Interest