Application Corner

We’re very excited to debut a new (as of May 2016) section of our blog: the application corner! After going through the application process this past year, I realized just how few resources and guides exist for students who are applying to MD/PhD programs. We hope that this section of our blog will become a “home” for those who are thinking about MD/PhD programs, considering UAB, or in the midst of application craziness already. We’ll share everything we’ve learned about the MD/PhD cycle and our tips to maximize your chances of success!

We plan to have various sub-sections on this blog, each of which will dive into a specific portion of the application. Please remember that each of these posts will only be the opinion of a few MD/PhD students — so by no means a magical answer to everything — but we hope that we can begin to address some of the anxiety and uncertainty around the MD/PhD admissions process. Feel free to browse around our blog to learn more about UAB specifically and to contact any of our communications committee members with further questions!

Emily Hayward* (c/o 2025)
*Written as an incoming MD/PhD student

Here is an interactive table of contents for our comprehensive MD/PhD application guide!

  1. Introduction – General Advice: 10 Lessons About Applying
  2. Overview and Timeline for MD/PhD Applications
  3. Choosing a School List
  4. Personal Statement 101
  6. Secondary Applications
  7. Letters of Recommendation
  8. MD/PhD Interview Formats and Tips
  9. Acceptances and the Post-Interview Period
  10. Waitlists and Expressing Interest