About Us

This website functions as a semi-official blog for the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), a dual-degree MD/PhD program geared towards training physician scientists, at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Our blog is student-run but often works alongside program administration to share great news about the happenings here at UAB, to help those who might be considering applying to the program, to reflect upon our experiences with family and friends, and/or to just give advice to those in similar positions (both in terms of career path and in more personal aspects of life).

The blog is one of the roles of the MSTP Communications Committee, where students volunteer their time and talents to help spread the word about the program. The committee also produces a quarterly newsletter, which can be found here. Our other student committees are listed at our main webpage here.

The 2018-2019 Communications Committee includes:


Emily Hayward, GS1


Alana Jones, MS2


Shreya Kashyap, GS1


Joe Ladowski, MS3


Hayden Pacl, GS2


Garrett Wilson, MS1

Lancer Garrett Wilson

Paige Souder, GS3 (Chair)



If you know a thing or two about being a UAB MSTP student and you’d like to be a guest blogger, or if you have any questions for the committee, just shoot us an email at uabmstpcomm@gmail.com.

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