Conference Reflection: Disability Access in Health Science Education

Last month, I had the incredible pleasure of attending the Coalition for Disability Access in Health Science Education symposium in Washington, D.C. The MSTP has been incredibly supportive of my journey through medical school with an autoimmune condition, and they actually paid for my registration, flight, and lodging for the conference (THANK YOU, UAB MSTP!).… Read More Conference Reflection: Disability Access in Health Science Education


With the end of my second year quickly approaching, I took time during my winter break to reflect. One strategy I use in preventing burnout and staying focused is to organize my thoughts and give myself some context: why am I here, and what do I hope to accomplish?   1. Medicine The Merriam-Webster definition… Read More Motivation

Secondary Applications

After you submit your primary application through AMCAS (read more about that here), you will begin to receive secondary applications! While there is only one centralized AMCAS application, almost every school you add to AMCAS will have their own supplementary (secondary) application. These secondary applications will include more essays and sometimes a little bit more… Read More Secondary Applications

Exam Week, as told by Michael Scott

During the first semester of medical school at UAB, students take a course known as “Fundamentals” (sometimes abbreviated as “Fun”… oh, the irony!). The course is intended to be a massive, semester-long building block of the basic sciences that will be needed later. For most students with biology-related degrees, many of the concepts in Fundamentals… Read More Exam Week, as told by Michael Scott


In this section of our Application Corner, we will attempt to answer some frequently asked questions regarding AMCAS, the primary application for both MD and MD/PhD programs. The following topics will be discussed: What is AMCAS? What is needed to begin? What are the sections on the application? What is the activities section? Do I need… Read More AMCAS FAQ