As the end of the admissions season approaches for 2016-2017, we asked a few of our current students why they chose the UAB MSTP. Here’s what they told us!

(Responses compiled by Emily Hayward, MS-1)



Headshot - Graham

“I chose UAB because they not only support interdisciplinary collaboration but also push for it… an important quality for anyone trying to clinically apply their research!”

-Graham Cochrane, MS-2


Headshot - Andrew

“I became aware of UAB after many friends and acquaintances from my home in Florida came to this medical center for their treatment. I was impressed that they would travel out of their own state to pursue medical care. After looking into the MSTP at UAB and learning of the vibrant research community accompanying the medical center, I was very interested in the program. Meeting the students and faculty during the interview and experiencing the atmosphere of the program confirmed that this was the right place for me.”

-Andrew Schroeder, MS-1


Headshot - Ashleigh

“I chose the program because Dr. Lorenz and our admins are amazing. Medical school is hard, and who’s on your side is important.”

-Ashleigh Burns-Irwin, MS-1


Headshot - Elizabeth

“At the time of my interviews, UAB already immediately had a leg up on the competition due to the fact that it was the only school that didn’t have snow and reminded me of my hometown in California (it even snowed in Texas that year!). I’m only half-joking about that by the way – weather is an important consideration when you’re thinking about where to spend the next 8 years!

But on a more serious note, UAB is actually quite a powerhouse in its own right.  We’re are ranked highly both in clinical care and research across the nation (many schools are stronger in either one area or the other), with many specialty cores and centers/facilities.  Perhaps more importantly, the environment is very collegial, which means it’s very easy to collaborate and talk to people – something I’m finding is actually pretty critical for pursuing good research and that is not always true across institutions.

The MSTP itself is a strong program, headed by great directors who will advocate on your behalf should the need arise, and is structured to provide professional/career training on top of academics.  Plus, students are generally happy here, which I thought was another important consideration when deciding where to go. Thus, I’d say UAB is a solid choice if you want good scientific and clinical training, along with a good learning environment.”

-Elizabeth Ma, GS-4


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