Medicine Meets Performing Arts in UAB’s Annual “The Best Medicine Show”

My 90 year-old grandmother told me last week that if this whole physician-scientist thing doesn’t work out, I could still go into the movie business. Before you get disappointed after scouring the student profile pages for a Brad Pitt impersonator, I’m not very good looking. Sorry. My grandfather was a stage actor and comedian and I think Grandma was always hoping I’d follow in his footsteps after my critically acclaimed middle school performance in Fiddler on the Roof.

Lucky for her, she recently learned how to use email and Youtube AND UAB gives a great outlet for us wannabees. The Best Medicine Show is held every year in the Spring. It’s a fundraiser where med students make video skits, dances, and musical performances to raise money for our Student-run free clinic. With the Dean of UASOM matching our efforts each year, students have raised over $100,000 in 3 years.  Not too shabby in my opinion.

My grandmother has seen me dance MJ’s thriller with classmates, sing part of a rap parody, act in a handful of videos, and make both a classic cartoon and a physical exam instructional video completely inappropriate through the magic of video editing software. No regrets except for maybe the rap video parody…

More recently I’ve also helped other students create and edit videos in my role on the Creative Direction Committee for the Show. The CDC, in addition to being the worst abbreviation for a medical school group in the world, is in charge of managing all content that goes into the show. That means helping directors flush out ideas, holding script writing and filming workshops, and helping edit videos that will eventually make it onto the big screen. Consequently, I don’t plan my Thesis Committee meetings in February.

Waste some time on our youtube channel!

-Jeff Singer (GS-3)

The UnABridged Blog is all to pleased to advertise for “The Best Medicine Show”, an annual event featuring contributions from Jeff Singer and other MSTP Students. Those wishing to attend “The Best Medicine Show” tomorrow night (January 30th, 2015) can purchase tickets from its official website.

-The Editors


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