First Year Perspective: Daily Life in the MSTP

As someone from out of state, I wanted to enlighten those as to what life is like as a UAB MSTP student.   A simple way to do this is to give you a day in my life. First, I live about 1 mile away from campus in a house owned by a second year MSTP student.  I am now renting a room from him but plan to purchase my own in about 9 months.  The housing market in Birmingham is very favorable for MSTP students, aka those on a tight budget.  The weather has just transitioned from nice and warm in the summer, to a soothing 75 degrees with a slight wind chill.  After eating a nice breakfast, I drove to school.   Although, I haven’t been in school for too long, I have enjoyed the material.  I am currently finishing up Fundamentals 1 which is a mixture of biochemistry, cell biology, anatomy, histology and physiology.  All of the lectures are recorded, so I usually spend my time in class, trying to start memorizing the material and finding areas I will need to spend more time going over.  Lectures aren’t’ mandatory, but I like going.

After 4 hours of lecture, I was ready for a break. So, a friend and I went over to Highland Park golf course for a quick 9 holes.  It’s a nice short course, and with how beautiful of a day it was, I felt it would have been a crime to not spend some time outside. After finishing up, I headed back to campus to do some studying in the MSTP office.  It has pens, folders, coffee or anything else I need to study with.   The last time I went golfing was right before one of my favorite MSTP classes, 794, a monthly translational research seminar also known as CAMs. I am served a great dinner followed by a presentation by one of the plethora of fantastic scientists on campus.  Afterwards, I study for a few more hours on campus and then head home.  As someone who definitely had some preconceived notions about Birmingham, I have to say it’s a lot more cultured and fun then I could have ever imagined.  I look forward to speaking more about this in my next blog post.

-Garrett Brinkley (MS-1)

A big thank you to Garrett for ending our blog post drought. We hope our readers will forgive us for the past few months. Due to a combination of board exams, research rotations, trips to Africa, grant applications, and marriages, we fell short of our goal to keep this blog continuously updated. However, we are now proud and excited to declare that we have established a group of regular contributors who should keep this from happening again in the future. We hope each and every one of you will enjoy the stories posted here and we look forward to sharing our experiences with all of you on a much more frequent basis.


The Editors


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